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~~~The stuff that didn't make the other entries!~~~

>Seniors are so surprisingly put together than I'm used to seeing in the US. No offense. They always have nice clothes/shoes/sandals-which sometimes don't look comfortable. Women's toenails painted as well of course! Heck! mine aren't always.
They are out & about! They sit together & visit with each other, wherever there's a place to sit.

>Women use pretty fans to cool off! Thought they were a tourist gimmick.
>Breakfast is usually a pastry of some kind with juice or coffee. You will not find eggs, bacon or pancakes...

>Bacon = ham. And ham is so plentiful & important, you can buy the entire leg! Hoof & everything!
>Breakfast also could be a bocadillo which is a baguette sandwich with Spanish ham & cheese. Also a popular choice for breakfast is churros with chocolate. Basically, fried dough (like funnel cake) but in long tube strands. Dip this in chocolate & repeat until done.

>Lunch is a salad usually consisting of lettuce, tuna, tomatoes, onions & corn. Or a bocadillo, or a series of tapas.

>People either walk really fast or really slooooow. No in-between. They cut you off walking & there is no 'excuse me'.

>You make the cars yield at a crosswalk if there isn't a light. This took awhile to get used to.

>On elevators, it is common etiquette to say "hasta luego" to strangers.

>On escalators there is also etiquette!! Everyone stands on the right, passing lane on the left! Couldn't believe this one since there's no courtesy in other avenues.

>To conserve energy, the escalators run slow until someone steps on, then it speeds up.

>To conserve energy, the metro (subway train) doors don't open unless you make them open.

>Lottery is a huge deal but there are no machines to buy from. So there are people standing on corners selling tickets or in kiosks.

>The word 'vale' pronounced 'va-leh', is the equivalent of okay. It is very interesting how much a person uses that in a given day. I didnt realize it until I kept saying okay & realized that they have no idea what I'm saying. Okay or vale means so many things, so taking out okay & replacing it with vale has been interesting.

>At a restaurant/tapas place, it is assumed by the waitstaff that you're only there for a drink. So you have to tell them to get you a menu (if not available at table already), then also that you're ready to order food. They also expect you to sit for awhile, so you have to ask for the check otherwise they'll leave you there for a long time.

>There are a fair amount of men walking around with purses-
--Err,I mean European shoulder bags.

>I have seen a lot of men wearing either white or red pants.

>The Spaniards are surprised that an American can speak Spanish. I have been flat-out asked why I speak Spanish.

>They want to go to the United States as much as people want to travel to Europe. The grass is always greener on the other side.

>Most male dogs are not neutered :-( But on the bright side, no dogs are overweight.

>Money is the Euro & as the bill amount gets smaller so does the bill size. They have a 1 & 2 Euro coin- no bills. Coins are in 50, 20, 10, 5 or 2 cents.

>Mostly in Malaga, people were taken aback if you spoke to them on the street & weren't asking for directions. I complimented a woman's hair color & she looked at me like I had 2 heads...

>In Malaga, to ward off the heat in your home from the sun, people have curtains in front of any doors.

>There is a separate lane for taxis & buses.

>There aren't many fast food or to-go food establishments (that aren't major chains).

>McDonald's, Burger King & Taco Bell offer beer as a beverage option. The kids meals are great because they're the cheapest thing & you get a dessert as well.
>Flamenco dresses/skirts are heavy!

>For women printed colorful pants are the hot thing here style wise! Baggy or tight--doesn't matter.

>I have become a big fan of a juice called Bi frutas-- which is milk & juice put together!!! You can't taste the milk!

>Milk only comes in a carton & is NOT refrigerated in the grocery store! Took me forever to find, since I kept circling the refrigerated sections.
>Eggs are NOT refrigerated as well!!
>Grocery stores charge you for plastic bags--no matter how much you spend. But at the bakeries, I buy a 40 cent bread roll & was given a bag...

>Spicy doesn't mean spicy...oh wait that happens in the US as well.

>Depending on where you're from in Spain, the pronunciation of the 'c', 'z' is either an 's' or 'th'. For example a word everyone knows; cerveza- pronounced 'sair-ve-sa' in the north & 'ther-ve-tha' in the south, similar to the sound of a lisp. The terms are called ceceo or seseo.

>In restaurants, water is not free. If you get a drink, you are given olives or some other small tapa for free.
>There are pictures of the food plates on the outside of the restaurants, so you can see what it looks like AND so the tourists can point to what they want.
>People walk so much & take their feet into priority so much that slippers have a special spot in trendy shoe stores.
>Magazines (bought at new stands) come with gifts regularly like shoes, purses etc. My fave thing I've seen as a gift was a...Thigh Master!

Muchas gracias for those enjoying this blog! I miss you & I will continue to keep you up to date on our wonderful journey!

Hasta luego!
Mucho amor,

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Miss you back, kid!! I'm so glad you're having such a wonderful time, but will be glad when you get home, too.

by Nancy

Interesting cultural stuff. Really weird to me that eggs and especially milk aren't refrigerated at the grocery store...
It also seems odd that, as popular as ham seems to be, that bacon isn't a more common breakfast staple. Or sausage. Maybe those are American things...?

by Matt

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